Hotline Objectives

The compliance Hotline provides a confidential way for employees to report information related to suspected instances of noncompliance. Employees should use the Hotline when they are not satisfied with their supervisors' response to a compliance issue, or if they fear retaliation by their supervisors. Under normal circumstances, compliance issues should be addressed through normal administrative channels, like Human Resources.

Examples of possible violations:

  • Financial reporting irregularities
  • Fraud
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Computer security
  • Non-compliance
    • Institutional policies/procedures
    • Local/Federal law or regulations
    • Safety policies/procedures
    • NCAA guidelines
    • Equal opportunity laws
    • Conflict of interest/ethics policies


The compliance Hotline is NOT a complaint Hotline. Only matters involving compliance with a Brigham Young University–Hawaii policy or procedure, or a federal, state, or local law or regulation, will be investigated. Employees with other complaints are advised to pursue normal administrative channels.

Supervision of Hotline

To insure anonymity, BYU–Hawaii has contracted with EthicsPoint, an outside service provider, to manage its compliance Hotline. Upon receipt of a call, EthicsPoint forwards the information to the BYU–Hawaii's compliance officer, who will review the complaint with the Office of General Counsel to determine an appropriate response.


Employees who file a report with the compliance hotline may remain anonymous. If the person requests anonymity, no attempt will be made to identify the employee. Information provided by the employee will be treated as confidential and privileged to the extent permitted by applicable law.

NOTE: Depending on the allegation, maintaining strict anonymity may make the arrest, charging, and/or prosecution of the perpetrator impossible.


BYU–Hawaii policy prohibits retaliation for good-faith reporting of possible violations of the policy or law. If, because of a Hotline report, the employee feels he or she is being retaliated against, he or she may seek redress through BYU–Hawaii's policies through state or federal law.

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